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Courier Option

In light of recent postal strikes, if you would prefer to use DPD as a courier, we can arrange for collection of ashes at a charge of £15.
Please see our terms & conditions for more information. Call us on 01225 319606 if you would like more information.

Ashes into Bath Aqua Glass Animals

Order online and we then automatically send you an "ashes into memorial pack" in the post

At Bath Aqua Glass we understand that all life is precious. Our Memorial Glass Animals have been said to bring joy and comfort back at a difficult time.

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Cremation Ashes into Bath Glass Bird

Cremation Ashes into Bath Glass Bird£100.00  (32)

Cat's ashes into memorial glass

Cat's ashes into memorial glass£125.00

Ashes into a glass cat

Ashes into a glass cat£125.00

Ashes into Bath Glass Penguin

Ashes into Bath Glass Penguin£100.00  (17)

Cremation Ashes into a Bath Glass Pig

Cremation Ashes into a Bath Glass Pig£125.00  (1)

Cremation Ashes into Bath Glass Elephant

Cremation Ashes into Bath Glass Elephant£155.00  (11)

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Bird

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Bird£100.00

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Cat

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Cat£125.00

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Penguin

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Penguin£100.00

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Pig

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Pig£125.00

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items

We sensitively add ashes to our lovely glass animal keepsakes.

If you are interested in a different animal we are able to engrave images and could translate a photo onto a piece of glass for you. You can call 01225 319606 for more information and discuss ideas.


Amber bird with engraving


elephant memorial keepsake

elephant with engraving underside


To make a glass animal, we prepare the space by laying out the ashes and the chosen colour on a metal table.
We gather a ball of glass from the furnace and roll the molten glass into the ashes and the colour.
A second layer of glass is then applied to the piece, encapsulating the colour and ashes within the glass.
The glassblower then shapes the glass into an animal, constantly rotating the molten glass so that it does not fall.

Once the animal has emerged, we remove the piece from the blowing iron and leave it to cool in a special kiln.

If you need any more information do not hesitate to call Judith on 01225 319606 between 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday. 


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