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Ashes into Garden Orbs

"Gardening is a very special relationship with nature and on our team we have a few dedicated gardeners, myself included.
      The fact that you can take one little seed and nurture it into an amazing plant... I feel this is a miracle. 
I spend as much time as possible in the garden."                                      
                                                  - Annette Dolan M.D.

In conjunction with a local metalworker, we present our garden orbs. They are a perfect memorial piece for gardeners who have passed or garden lovers.  Our garden orbs offer colour all year round and are made from a combination of blown glass and galvanized steel.

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Memorial ashes Glass Garden Orb

Memorial ashes Glass Garden Orb£175.00

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Once you have ordered we send you a memorial pack.  All the instructions are in the pack.

We only use a teaspoon of ashes and provide you with a bag which you need to identify clearly. 

To make our paperweights we sensitively encapsulate ashes by gathering a glob of glass from the furnace.  We then have the chips of colour and the ashes on a marver (a metal table top).  The glassblower then rolls the glob of glass into colour and the ashes.  They then go back to the furnace to gather another layer of clear glass to encapsulate the colour and the ashes.  Next they shape the piece with a wooden scope (which is made out of cherry wood and is constantly soaked in water) which makes the paperweight into a good shape.  Finally knock the paperweight off the blowing iron and using a torch to smooth out where it has been knocked off.

The beautiful item then goes into a lehr (Kiln or oven) to cool down slowly.
Hand blown glass needs to cool down slowly or it will crack.

It comes out the next day and is checked and signed and then engraved if it has been requested.

It is then shipped to the customer. 

If you need any more information do not hesitate to call Judith Devereux on 01225 319606 between 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday. 

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