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At Bath Aqua Glass we endeavour to make sure our customers have their orders handled with dignity and respect.  To lose someone you love is hard and tough and words cannot express the hurt. This is why for 20 years we have offered our glass cremation ashes service.  Below are all of the products if you want to speed up your search go to the tab bar above and you will find the range of ashes into Bath Glass sectioned off. For example, if you would like a stained glass memorial panel then click stained glass. We have several different ways of encapsulating the glass. On the glass blowing floor, we roll the ashes into molten glass. With the fused glass, we sandwich the ashes between two pieces of glass and then put it in the kiln. With the ashes into charm beads, our artist makes this over a torch and uses the molten glass to encase the ashes to create a beautiful memorial keepsake.

We understand the sensitive and personal nature of each piece we create, and our team makes sure to keep you updated throughout the progress of the order.

For more information on how to order, please visit our frequently asked questions page here 

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Ashes into Charm Bead

Ashes into Charm Bead£75.00  (20)

Dichroic Ashes into Diamond Mosaic Pendant

Dichroic Ashes into Diamond Mosaic Pendant£85.00  (11)

Ashes into Bath Glass Penguin

Ashes into Bath Glass Penguin£100.00  (17)

Cremation Ashes into Bath Glass Bird

Cremation Ashes into Bath Glass Bird£100.00  (32)

GIFT VOUCHER - Handheld Heart

GIFT VOUCHER - Handheld Heart£100.00

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Bird

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Bird£100.00

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Penguin

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Penguin£100.00

Glass with Ashes Handheld Memory Heart

Glass with Ashes Handheld Memory Heart£100.00  (87)

Ashes into a glass cat

Ashes into a glass cat£125.00

Ashes into Bath glass Paperweight - Small

Ashes into Bath glass Paperweight - Small£125.00  (97)

Cat's ashes into memorial glass

Cat's ashes into memorial glass£125.00

Cremation Ashes into a Bath Glass Pig

Cremation Ashes into a Bath Glass Pig£125.00  (1)

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Cat

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Cat£125.00

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Pig

GIFT VOUCHER - Memorial Pig£125.00

GIFT VOUCHER -Small Paperweight

GIFT VOUCHER -Small Paperweight£125.00

Ashes Glass Paperweight - Large

Ashes Glass Paperweight - Large£155.00  (3)

Cremation Ashes into Bath Glass Elephant

Cremation Ashes into Bath Glass Elephant£155.00  (11)

Memorial ashes Glass Garden Orb

Memorial ashes Glass Garden Orb£175.00

Page 1 of 1:    60 Items
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