What do I do with Cremation Ashes

13 August 2019  |  Admin

What to do with cremation ashes?

At Bath Aqua Glass we sensitively encapsulate people’s ashes into our wonderful commemorative pieces.  We craft paperweights, jewellery, sculptures and homeware, each one unique and designed to allow you to cherish a loved one’s memories.

What is Memorial Glass?

Memorial Glass is the art of capturing the remains of a loved one inside of a piece of glass.  The ash is encapsulated, alongside any colour, inside of a clear piece of glass, ensuring they are safe and secure.


How to order memorial glass?

The process of ordering a piece of memorial glass is very simple.  By requesting a memorial pack (click here) from our website you can take the time to have a look over the contents and the options available to you.  When you have made your choice, simply fill out the enclosed form with the pieces that you would like and post it back to us, along with the ashes.

Once we receive the pack we will contact you to let you know that we have received the ashes, and to take payment.  Once we have taken payment we will put the order into the making list.  The times taken to create the pieces may vary but we aim to process your order within 6 weeks of receiving the ashes.  We will then post the item and the remaining ash back to you (unused ashes can only be returned within UK).


What is the process of memorial glass?

How do ashes go into glass?

To make a memorial glass piece, we prepare the space by laying out the ashes and the chosen colour on a metal table.

We gather a ball of glass from the furnace and roll the molten glass into the ashes and the colour.

A second layer of glass is then applied to the piece, encapsulating the colour and ashes within the glass.

The glassblower then shapes the glass into the desired shape, constantly rotating the molten glass so that does not fall.

Once the final shape has emerged, we remove the piece from the blowing iron and leave it to cool in a special kiln.


Judith, our Studio Manager, has been running our memorial service for many years.  She is reverent and professional with your loved ones remains.  If you would like any information or to ask any questions, please email sales@bathaquaglass.com or call 01225 319 606.